Chiapas Journey I {the visit to Melel}

{thoughts from travel journal}

Last week, we shared our video of how FWM and CID efforts along with your help assisted families in Chiapas, Mexico. Each Tuesday this month, we will offer a glimpse of the journey first-hand from Rebecca's travel experiences to paint a picture of where your support has reached. Enjoy.

Our visit to Melel Xojobal began with a beautiful and scenic hour drive from the airport up the mountaintops of Chiapas, Mexico. After an hour of winding inclines, we arrived and I was immediately absorbed in the colors and architecture of the city. Old colonial structures, washed out walls, vibrant fabrics with bright colors used in traditional Mayan weaving and embroidery all created an admirable richness. The weather was cold and there was a blanket of clouds covering the city. I later found out that was typical- I didn't realize we were in such a high altitude.

The visit to Melel's site was a peaceful one and confirmed having chosen a very worthy cause to support in 2012. The organization works to provide health and human rights to indigenous children and families in Chiapas, an area of Mexico that suffers very drastic levels of poverty and malnourishment. Our focus with Melel was to provide opportunities for children ages 1-5 that including healthy meals, medical assistance, and education- all very important things that lay a strong foundation for a healthy individual.

Meeting the organizers and families touched by this organization was a fulfilling experience.

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