Chiapas Journey 3 {absorbing art & beauty}

{thoughts from a travel journal}
A few months ago, Rebecca of CID and FWM took a trip with her family to Mexico. Their wish to experience how the companies' donations assist the Melel Xojobal Organization was exceeded by much more. Not only was their learning about another culture, but there was profound appreciation. Her thoughts on the art and color of Mexico illustrate this. 
As far as textiles go, I believe everything amazing and beautiful comes from Chiapas, Mexico.  I love everything about the colorful handmade woven textiles created by women with generations of history behind them.  It's truly a region of some of the most talented weavers and embroiderers in the world.
And what artist would not feel right at home in a country who views a public wall as an empty canvas? The sights of this trip filled my soul.

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