Reflecting your roots via design {part III}

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.

Incorporating familial roots into interior design is a certain way to individualize your style and offer meaningful decor. When considering your child’s bedroom, why not draw from geographical and cultural elements? 

Children Inspire Design’s very own Rebecca Peragine has created just that with her boys’ bedroom. A Wisconsin native, Rebecca shares pieces of her background while highlighting aspects of their current Californian state. The result is a tasteful Midwest/West Coast style where pops of color electrify the simplicity of gray walls. 

With a more globalized society, it is no wonder our children have many cultural influences. Check out last week's mood board which conceptualizes a nursery for a child whose rich background includes: Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, and New Zealand. This can be done with items representing each place. For a more uniform approach, CID’s"my roots" country maps do the trick. 

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