Reflecting your roots via design {part II}

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin of Somebody's Home.

Let's exhaust the nursery ideas a minute: blue, pink, monkeys, frogs, owls. When it comes to designing a child's room, there are countless cute themes and motifs. Yet, wouldn't it be nice to go with something that can "keep" for a few years. Trying to create a versatile space that grows with your child is a goal that saves effort and money years ahead. Selecting neutral colors and making smart furniture choices are ways to create a clever design.

But, let's have fun with it too. One way to add color and interest to a child's bedroom is adding global elements that reflect your family. Using your kid's roots is a creative and meaningful way to decorate. 

About the board:

{roots include Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and New Zealand}

  • neutral walls and floors make furnishing changes easier in the future
  • gender neutral accent wall and pops of color brighten
  • Colombian mola brings in an animal motif as well as cute stuffed kiwi
  • Cuban maracas are a family keepsake and act as sound stimulation
  • traditional Mexican pillowcases offer interesting pattern in armchair

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