Chiapas Journey 4 {giving thanks}

{thoughts from a travel journal}
Each Tuesday this month, we have featured pieces of Rebecca's trip with her family to Chiapas, Mexico. From visiting the Melel Xojobal organization to sharing a new experience with her boys, these entries illustrate the empathy, compassion, and hope you have helped create through your support.
In an earlier post I talked a bit about what I hoped my children would retain from our trip to Chiapas, particularily how they'd feel interacting with children their age with very different life stories.  In the end, I know that I am truly blessed with this opportunity to serve the greater good through the donation of 10%  CID and FWM proceeds. In turn, my children will benefit from this by being able to see the good that collaborative giving does.  
Ten percent is such a subtle thing.  It's likely you don't even know you're giving each time you buy a product from me. But in a year's time, the giving grew and we were able to impact lives: the people of Chiapas, mine and of my children as well.  So, a big thank you for supporting my art.  I hope to continue giving you reports like this year after year!

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