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Portuguese Number Poster

 Start your child’s love for learning early by teaching them the 1-2-3's with adorable nature-themed imagery! This beautiful number poster is the perfect educational and environmental addition to your child's room. Nature themed, gender neutral, and originally created from scrap papers, our art is a perfect design for both boys and girls. Eco-friendly packaging complements the eco-friendly imagery. Your child will grow, just like nature does- steady and brilliant.

This adorable poster is made with 100% New Leaf recycled card stock and soy ink. It is available in size 11x14. It is also available in 11x14 in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Hebrew, and Polish.

Here at Children Inspire Design we help to provide compelling content to kids' décor and design. By celebrating various languages, cultures and nature, you can create an enriching space for your child that introduces the wonder of the world around them to their growing imaginations. Modern collages of recycled materials, created in our small studio, are reproduced as art and learning tools for contemporary kids.