Set of Stars Stickers For Your Custom Maps (40 Stars)

Set of Stars Stickers For Your Custom Maps (40 Stars)


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Are you running out of stickers for your interactive Maps?

No problem, you don't need to limit your children's first adventures and steps, you can find the set of 40 star stickers to record more than just your children’s first steps; because the littlest feet make the biggest footprints.  

- 40 Stickers
- Packaged and printed in eco-friendly materials.
- Inspirational artwork, fit for adult or child space
- Made in USA (in a small, family run print shop to be exact).        

Our mission at Children Inspire Design is to help provide compelling content to kids' decor and design. By celebrating various languages, cultures and nature, you can create an enriching space for your child that introduces the wonder of the world around them to their growing imaginations. Modern collages of recycled materials, created in our small studio, are reproduced as art and learning tools for contemporary kids.

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