Chapter 13- let's go to the desert!

So we lasted about 4 winters in Wisconsin before my husband declared he would loose his mind if he didn’t get to a warmer climate.  It was dreary February, my sister just moved to Scottsdale, AZ, so I decided to take a trip to see her.  Check out the place.  See what it’s like in the desert.  The morning after I arrived, I went for a walk on this beautiful path, full of amazing plant life- brilliant oranges, reds and purples surrounding huge saguaros.  It was breathtaking.  Then I heard it- the bird.  There is a bird that lives on the island in Mexico that I’d hear everyday.  It’s a very unique sounding bird (although I can’t remember the name).  I heard it and it stopped me dead in my tracks.    Then I decided, we’re moving to Arizona.  I based our decision on a bird.

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