The Future Global Guardians- Our First Video

We've been talking a lot lately about our partnership with the Global Guardian Project. If you haven't heard yet, the project is a collection of adventure videos and learning projects, all geared toward empowering children on how to protect the Earth. To show them how, as individuals and as a community, we can preserve our home today, so Earth's future inhabitants will have a home tomorrow.

This opportunity is huge for me and my family, for a few reasons. First, we get to travel far and wide to interview environmental organizations who are doing good for the earth. Our children interview leaders and change makers, then they get to create the videos for the GGP. These videos are by kids, for kids, which makes this project special. Doing the work is not only satisfying, these life changing experiences will shape the way kids see the world. It sets off a chain reaction of affecting change.

This is the first video we put together from a recent trip to Nicaragua. We hope you enjoy.

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