The Global Guardian Project

I have a secret I need to share.  I've been working on a project for a very long time and I'm about ready to show you all.  I'm so very excited about this.

Let me explain.

I've created a collection of free DIY projects called the Global Guardian Project.

I use art to illustrate the stories we need to tell our children. It’s important to show kids that the compassion they have for the people in their lives is the same compassion that everyone in the world deserves. My eco friendly art helps to teach little ones to be mindful and kind, and reminds parents of the importance of sending a positive message.

And now, I want to offer the DIY projects to you, so you can teach your littles compassion for the earth and all who inhabit it. 

I want to help open the door for a healthy dialogue between parents and kids about global issues. My eco friendly global DIY's are not only a great educator, but also beautiful decor.  You don’t need to turn it on or plug it in, but it will spark a connection. Big and small, we all have a duty to be informed, and spread love and kindness.

If you and your child would like to become a part of the Global Guardian Project, sign up for our newsletter and you'll start receiving projects and inspiring art in your inbox starting January 1. 


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