DIY craft fun: peacock mask!

Yay, they're finally here! I've been working on these animal masks for a looooonng time and I finally have a cute collection of forest animal masks for you. I know, peacocks aren't the first animal that pops in your head when it comes to forest animals, but I couldn't resist. 

So, to get started, here's what you need.

Then simply cut, paste, tie and enjoy! I trust you don't need step by step directions. I will point out though that the eyes are separate from the mask face on purpose- it's so you can measure your little one's eye level. Then simply cut out the holes on both sheets and glue together. Also, if you don't have card stock, I'd suggest gluing the designs onto light cardboard (cereal box type) then cut out. The whole mask will be much sturdier than using paper alone. Enjoy!!

Get it here:

Download Mask 

Download Feathers

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