DIY Global Family project: Using Compassion to talk about children and family refugees

We’ve all been touched somehow by the media explosion of stories of the global refugee crisis. Across the globe, in Europe, Africa and the U.S., people who have left their homes by force or out of desperation are trying to find a new place to settle.

This is a topic that is very raw and real for my family.

I feel that simple, truthful conversations are the best way to education children on our current global situations. Finding a way to have soft, open and supportive discussions will provide an opportunity for creating a compassionate, mindful child and will build a stronger foundation for more difficult conversations in the future.

I created this DIY printable, which includes a world map + cut out images, as a way for parents to start talking to children about families around the world. I want to offer parents tools to have compassionate conversations at home with children so that they can process these facts and perhaps find a common connection to refugee families

These are the things I talked to my children about. They are at the core of my family value system and what I believe to be most important:

All Parents have a common dream to provide a safe, healthy, happy life for their children. -Refugee parents have uncommon courage to risk leaving everything they know for a better life for their families. -At the core of each human being is the desire to protect and love each other. -It is important to show compassion for other’s struggles and respect their lives, not as citizens of a particular country, but as human beings. -We always have the power to help.

I’ve also included a few resources I found to be helpful in educating myself and my family. How To Talk To Your Kids About Refugees, How To Talk To Your Kids About The Syria Crisis, ABC’s Behind The News, a family-friendly report on a young refugee’s journey. Appropriate for perhaps 7 and up. (please watch before showing to your children).

you can find DIY download links HERE

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