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Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
There is a buzz about shifting paradigms regarding the education model as we know it. A fascinating publication called the Forecast 3.0, Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem , delves into the various foreseeable opportunities and challenges that come up with this topic. One is the role of technology.
Undoubtedly, the digital explosion is a key player in influencing transformation across spectrums: society, economy, culture, etc. Let’s take music as highlighted in the Forecast.
For example, (there are) integrated platforms such as iTunes, Google+, and Facebook with artist information, concert databases, and mobile apps to transform passive listeners (us) into active music participants who share, create, remix, and produce music.
Just as technology has expanded, created, and modified services and opportunities for people to have more customer-centered experiences in realms like music, the same can occur in the education realm.
In this forecast, schools will no longer be singular, enclosed organizations. Through similar shared systems as seen in the music example, resources, information, and services can all become available to learners. Such richness and availability offers a “create your own school” reality that can meet the specific needs of each learner.
With mindful and constructive application, the pairing of customized learning organizations and schools could call for a sunny future for education.
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