Wish Change Friend

Wish Change Friend


Reading his books under a big oak tree--Little Pig couldn't ask for anything more... until the day he comes across three new words: wish, change, andfriend. Suddenly, his peaceful existence shifts, and he discovers that new words (and experiences) aren't so tough to adjust to after all.

In this quirky little story by Ian Whybrow and illustrator Tiphanie Beeke an introverted pig ventures beyond his bookish safety zone and finds new friends. The fact that he can set out from his oak tree home and wind up in a cozy igloo with a penguin tells us just how far we can go when we wish for change. The lovely hazy pastels of Beeke's illustrations wash over the pages, revealing pleasing details, such as the goldfish bowl in the penguin's igloo and the dish of acorns at Little Pig's elbow as he reads in bed.

Ages 4 to 8

In a nutshell-  Very sweetly written and illustrated.  Great conversation starter with children about the meaning of words.

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