With Love, From Rwanda To You...

Name: Isingizwe Marie Blondine
Age: 15
Number of Family Members: 7- Mother and Father, Siblings: Betty (19), Clementine (17), Jocelyn (7), Gisel (4), Emmanuel (unknown age).
What is the most difficult challenge you face in providing for your children: My parents don’t have a job, so it is difficult for us to get food, clothing and other necessities.
How do you feel this project can help you and your children/family: I will be able to buy clothes and help my parents buy things that our family needs.
What is your favorite part about the project: I am happy that I am able to be developing my skills and learning new things.
What are your hopes for the women of your community for the future: I hope that the women in my community will be able to learn new things and get better jobs, now they are doing tasks like making gravel.
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