Family Resolutions

Written by contribution blogger, Christine Martin.
Making New Year’s resolutions has been a long-standing tradition. Generally, these are created with enthusiasm and motivation, dwindling as time goes on. The trick is keeping the goals present and revisiting them periodically. Some ways to do this include sticking them on your refrigerator, adding them into your icalendar, illustrating them in a visual board.

Having aspirations and creating challenges are ways to further develop ourselves and discover our capabilities. Beginning at a young age, children learn to value goal-setting. Resolutions for kids are meaningful if they understand their importance and have adults modeling them as well.

In addition to having personal goals, it is beneficial to include one or two under the parent role such as:

being a good role model
making efforts to understand your child
teaching your child healthy eating habits
encouraging your child to exercise
reward your child for good behavior
sharing in a learning activity with your child

Creating goals can be a yearly activity that unifies and enhances family dynamics. Keeping them manageable and measurable helps ensure success as the year progresses.

Happy New Year! May 2013 be fulfilling, joyous, and prosperous.
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