Speaking of Love

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
Suppose for a moment you clear away the candies, cards, and anything else draped in red to buy. Without the consumerist push, Valentine's Day can become a holiday that really delves into the question: what is love, anyway? Taking a moment to explore this with your child can add meaning to a February 14th.
*Write a list or draw all the things you love...from your grandmother to pepperoni pizza. Seeing this in one place not only shows how much love surrounds you but reminds you to practice gratitude.
*Discuss the different types of love: love for family, romantic love, love for something you're passionate doing, love for nature. All are special; all are valuable.
*We don't all express love the same way. Some of us communicate love through kind actions, others through affirming words. Come up with ways to show love to others, keeping in mind what they appreciate most.
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