Tech Ed in Third World Countries

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin. 

It is very evident that education has changed with the development and growth of the internet. With the access to innovative technology, the way we learn has expanded considerably. 

This also applies in addressing the educational divide found in third world countries. Having more opportunity to using computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, and mobile phones, Third World students and communities have a chance to narrow this divide. 

Online has recently published a comprehensive article on the impact of using tech tools in third world countries. Regarding the spread of computers, it states:

Computers provide students with the best that educational technology has to offer. Laptops and PCs enabled with Internet connections, content, and software can give students the power to explore self learning. With an Internet connected computer, students are able to access every educational resource available online, from open courseware projects to educational tutorials. They can also be used to run educational software, making them the ideal learning tools for students in developing countries.

Thankfully, there are several organizations that have dedicated to assisting the expansion of technology to countries like Haiti and Ghana. 

  • One Laptop Per Child is the most famous Third World computer program for students, and they’ve worked to create and donate affordable, rugged laptops to Third World students.
  • The Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) creates community technology and learning centers in Africa, bringing tech labs to developing communities along with extensive programs and support.
  • Worldreader isn’t just providing tablets to Third World students; they’re turning e-books into resources that can be read on nearly any mobile device.

There are many things we can do too. 

  1. Make a financial contribution. Donate to: Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership, Youth for Technology,OLPC, World Computer Exchange, Worldreader, and Fireside International.
  2. Send your old devices to developing nations via  Youth for Technology, World Computer ExchangeFireside International. This is a great green way to take care of our Earth. 
  3. Give creatively by volunteering or interning at organizations like  World Computer Exchange or Youth for Technology

Due to short supply of teachers and quality education in the Third World, it is crucial to support the access of educational resources any way we can. 

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