Reasons to Invest in Women

In 2014, it is part of Children Inspire Design's mission is to empower women by investing in microfinancing. As prime contributors of social and economic wellness in their families, communities, and nations, women who are assisted in achieving sustainability is greatly beneficial. It’s sound economics.

According to Women Deliver, a global advocacy organization, investing in women through microfinancing and/or education brings positive returns in the following ways:
It would return as much as US $15 billion dollars in productivity, now lost to maternal and newborn death.
Investment in educating girls one extra year beyond the average boosts their eventual wages 10 to 20 percent.
Investment in female secondary education yields returns in the form of higher wages that range from 15 to 25 percent, according to Yale economist Paul Schultz.[2]
Credit extended to women increases household consumption about twice as much as men's borrowing.
With lasting positive effects, CID’s intention is to support women in various aspects of our business. From site affiliates to our print company, accountant, bookkeeper and lawyer, we runs on the efforts of women who are small business owners.
This extends beyond our walls with every customer’s purchase of products, whose buying power contributes to our microfinancing effort. In this way, CID confirms that where you shop really does matter.
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Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.

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