Activating EMPATHY!

Who do we love: Ashoka's 'Activating Empathy' Competition

Why we love it: Ashoka’s Activating Empathy competition is on the hunt for the most effective ways to teach our kids to see through others’ eyes. Activating Empathy is a global collaborative competition to find the best ideas, programs, and learning-models from around the world that:
-Encourage social and emotional development
-Unlock new ways of viewing problems, opening the door to a new world of potential solutions
-Address bullying or aggression in ways that advance understanding of others' perspectives
-Promote community diversity and a respect for differences
-Champion children as real-world problem solvers rather than simply bystanders
All with the goal of launching a global initiative to ensure that children master EMPATHY...Sounds absolutely right on to us!

Where you can find it: The competition has begun; to enter or nominate an individual, organization, or partnership with a solution, visit Ashoka’s Changemakers page at

Thank you, Ashoka!

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