Friday's Art Giveaway! Do you know your ABC's?

Learning the ABC's could be one of the BIG milestones in your child's life. The next step can sometimes be learning the ABC's in different languages.
For our giveaway, we have Three Questions for you!
Have you taught your child the ABC's in different languages? Why is learning a foreign language important to you and your children? We have this poster available 8 languages, (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Portuguese and Dutch) what should our next language be?
You can win the Alphabet Poster in the language of your choice!
Here's how you enter-
Simply leave a comment answering our Three Questions.
Additional entries:
*Become a fan on Facebook
*Tweet this contest-leave the link
*Post it on your blog or facebook- leave the link (I’ll give you 3 entries for this one!!)
*Add our blog link to your blog
*Follow us on Twitter @ChildDesign
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***And, if you refer a friend to enter, just have him or her mention your name and you get an additional 3 points!
Add your entries up and leave the total in your comment
Giveaway ends Wednesday January 26th at midnight CT. International entries are welcome.
Good Luck!!!

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