Global Kids' Design {Moroccan inspired}

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
In interior design, global style is very fun to work with when designing a child's room. Color, texture, and pattern come easily as you select from beautiful inspirations worldwide. Global design also is a great way to infuse cultural representation into a space.
If you've ever visited Morocco, you may have fallen for the architecture and decor there. There is a special way light and form come together. For a kid's bedroom, you can go all out with Moroccan style or sprinkle elements of it around. Regardless, you'd find a resulting warmth and beauty contributed.
This Moroccan inspired wallpaper gives the room a 3D feel, as if you're really under the magnificent archs themselves. A gorgeous patterned rug pulls the colors together in a sophisticated and traditional palette.
Floor cushions and airy hanging fabric offer an exotic desert feel in this girl's bedroom space. The soft color palette is calming and subtle. A stuffed camel offers a playful reminder of a Saharan scene.

This unique bunkbed draws from Moroccan inspired lines and colors. Together they make for a playful sleeping area. 

For more on global design and culturally inspired decor, watch for the upcoming post on how to portray your roots in your decor.

{image credit: gold moroccan facade}

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