Let's hear it for the boys!

Written by Christine Martin
There have been countless studies indicating that the differences in the ways boys and girls learn originate from biological distinctions. At times, such variations can have a great effect on the way education is delivered and received. For this reason, there has been ongoing debate surrounding the benefits of single-sex education.
Does an all boys or all girls learning environment better cater to not only the learning needs of children, but also their social-emotional development?
About ten years ago, I worked for the first all girls middle school in the Bay Area, California. Julia Morgan School for Girls (JMSG) was in it’s start-up phase with dynamic teachers, eager students, and supportive community. Part of the magic of this school is the development of a comprehensive curriculum that upholds how girls learn while challenging them in a safe space. As an educator, it was the most fulfilling place to work. As a woman, it is a testament of future powerful women.
So, what about the boys?
In 2010, East Bay School for Boys was born. Similar to JMSG, this middle school has a clear vision for their students: empowering the engaged, thoughtful, and courageous men of tomorrow.
Yes, but do boys want to go to a school like this? Several share their thoughts on what their dream school would be like in this EBSB video:

Also like JMSG, EBSB is serious about a unique curriculum that integrates subjects and offers meaningful learning experiences. From capoeira and yoga for P.E. to after school courses of 'Edible, Medicinal and Hazardous Plants' and 'Exploring Architecture through Cartography and Art', boys are given the opportunity to learn while being themselves.

As one mother shared in a school review forum: Every day when asked how his day was, my son replies, ''Great!'' And once he said, ''Even if I don't want to go to school in the morning, when I get to school I can't help but smile.'' What else is there to say?

I would say that’s a successful school experience. 

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