The Explorer Journal + 5 Outdoor Ideas

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
Remember being a kids and anticipating summer break? Playing ball until evening, swimming for hours, riding bikes. The time outdoors seemed limitless. Today's kids often have to have outdoor fun planned due commitments like summer school or distractions like TV and video games.
In the spirit of the best of summer vacation, Children Inspire Design offers the Explorer Journal to combine enjoyment and education during the school break.
What can kids use this journal for?
1. Go on a bug hunt; list all the bugs you find.
2. Be a scientist; investigate your yard with a magnifying glass. Draw what is interesting.
3. Go for a hike and tally nature like trees, how many birds you see, etc.
4. Lay on a patch of grass and look up. What images do the clouds form? Draw them.
5. Go on a photo walk. Take photos of 5-10 interesting things. Write a caption in your journal for each photo.
For more ideas on simple outdoor activities, check this out.

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