Seeds of Possibility

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
If you haven't had the experience of hearing one of Ken Robinson's talks, you're in for a treat. In this recent TED talk, he eloquently deconstructs the American education system while offering light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh, and he's super funny, too.
My favorite part is this (I'm paraphrasing):
Education is not a mechanical sysyem; it's a human system and there are conditions in which people thrive. This has to do with the culture of the school and culture is organic. With organic systems, if conditions are right, life is inevitable. You take an area, a school, a district, you change the conditions: give people a different sense of possibility, a broader range of opporunitites, you cherish and value the relationships between teachers and learniers, you offer people the discretion to be creative, to innovate in what they do, and the schools that were once bereft...spring to life.

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