Earth Day love

Earth Day (April 22) is quickly approaching. While everyday is an opportunity to live responsibly with Earth in mind, this day gives us a friendly reminder of the importance of taking care of our home.  To celebrate with your children, check out Planet Pals to share in the history of Earth Day, implementing energy saving tips and engaging in great craft ideas. 

Here at Children Inspire Design, environmental education is at the heart of each design focusing on practices of reusing and recycling. Art is created to teach languages, cultures, and ways to care for our Earth. Each piece incorporates repurposed paper materials, eco-friendly inks, and biodegradable packaging. 

Highlighted item:

Nature Silhouette Counting Cards 

Inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design, these gender neutral counting cards are just the right elegant touch to a new baby nursery, or a calming, creative play space. Numbered 1 through 10 with soothing nature themed imagery. 

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