A global education on route

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
A few posts on CID deal with how kids literally get a global education while traveling with parents. While it's not always easy, many families value the benefit of experiencing new places together. A recent guest post on Seek Your Course features Amy Bowers who testifies to the cool things that happened when she, her husband and three kids went to Paris on a month long vacation.
She shares: I have a serious case of wanderlust and feel like cultivating a traveler’s mind in children is an essential aspect of their education. Going places and learning to look and experience things that are different and novel expands children’s world views in ways that have a cumulative effect for the rest of their lives.
For more of her interesting insight on this matter, read her post. For parents who share in this wanderlust, there are some real gems there.
{image credit: Amy Bowers & CID}

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