Beach Style Kids Rooms

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.
Children love the beach and summertime is great for those outdoor experiences. Bringing the beach into their bedrooms is a fun way to change the style and offer a relaxing, cool environment.
Here's how.
1. Highlight white- I know, you're asking: really, white? In beach interiors white offers an airiness and openness that reflects the outdoors. Painting walls and ceilings white is an easy way to enlarge a room and create a backdrop for fun pops of color. If all white bedding makes you crazy, go for stripes or a fun beachy design.
2. Play with cool & warm palettes- Cool colors that reflect the sky and sea fit perfectly in a beachified room. Yet, hot pinks and bright oranges are energetic, warm colors that are also suitable for this style. Take your pick, they're both great.
3. Include the beach motif in decor-Wall decal stickers that give the illusion of palm trees or lovely jars filled with collected seashells can really enhance the look. Ask your kids what says "beach" to them and see how it can be incorporated.
4. Limit clutter-This is certainly a goal all the time, but with beachy spaces, less is more. Limit wall hangings and furniture to offer the spaciousness a style like this requires.
5. Bring in natural light-The lighter the better. If you would like a window treatment, try light cotton panels or linen that allow natural light through. We're trying to imitate the outdoors, afterall.

Changing up your kids room for summer can offer them a fresh perspective and fun space. A beach theme is a perfect way to stylize not only this space, but any other area of your home. 

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