Friday's Giveaway- Nature Silhouette Wall Cards

Friday's Giveaway- Nature Silhouette Wall Cards!
Hi Friends-
As you know, CID has been working on developing a program that would offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to use CID products as fundraising tools. We have lots of ideas of new products to launch that would create a line of quality, useful products (useful being the key word- because we're ALL tired of buying cookie dough and overpriced wrapping paper). So, for today's giveaway, I'd love for you to give us your opinion on fundraising.
-What products would you like to see CID create? What type of product do you think would sell well as a fundraiser?
-Do you know of someone who would like to test out CID as a fundraising tool?
*Simply leave us a comment answering one or both questions above.
Additional entries:
*Become a fan on facebook
*Tweet this contest-leave the link
*Post it on your blog or facebook- leave the link (I’ll give you 3 entries for this one!!)
*Add our blog link to your blog
*Follow our blog
***And, if you refer a friend to enter, just have him or her mention your name and you get an additional 3 points!
Add your entries up and leave the total in your comment
Giveaway ends Wednesday, April 6th at midnight CT.
International entries are welcome.
Thanks in advance for your input. Your opinion will help us a great deal in developing the best program possible.

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