CID Giveaway- $50 gift certificate for reaching 2000 on Facebook!

Hi Friends-
We're very close to hitting 2000 fans on facebook and when we do, we'll be giving away a $50 gift certificate to Children Inspire Design!  How do you enter, you ask?  Its easy- simply leave a comment telling us why you love CID and you'll be entered into the drawing.  For the more competitive fans, you can earn extra points.  Here's how:
sign up for facebook if you haven't already = 2 pts
get a friend to sign up= 3 pts
post the giveaway on a blog= 2 pts
share with your friends on facebook =2
Giveaway ends Friday, June 3d at midnight MT
With a chance to win a free $50, I bet you CAN"T WAIT to see out new line of products soon to be launched!!!!
Good luck!

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