Summer Fun: join the Kids Art Exchange

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.

Looking for something creative and fun to do with your child this summer? Mom-blogger, Jamie from Hands On As We Grow, has a brilliant idea she is sharing with her readers and all parents.

Similar to the old school chain letter model, the Kids Art Exchange gives children an opportunity to be creatives while connecting with other kids across the globe. Instead of letters, a unique work of art is sent with directions on how to pass along the activity. In the end, each child should receive 36 artsy pieces with potentials for blooming friendships as well.

We connected with Jamie and asked a few questions about this great idea.

·        What is your primary inspiration for this event? I have wanted to get more involved with my readers and to get them involved with each other for quite some time. I had previously thought of doing an art exchange in more of a pen pal format but I always got stuck on people not wanting to share their addresses with other strange people, by doing it as a chain letter, they are in more control of who their addresses go out to and are no complete strangers anymore. I know my kids will love to receive mail, so I have to believe that other kids will too! Not only that, but my kids will love to create something especially for someone that sent them that letter! It will be exciting to see them mail off a piece of art to them!

·        What outcome do you hope for? In my wildest dreams the Kids Art Exchange would be global [which I already see happening as I’ve been contacted by someone in Africa!] and the kids art gallery on the blog will be filled with kids art from around the world! I cannot wait to see their art get posted! I would really, really love to see comments on their art as people receive it and they can say “Hey, thanks for sending Jonah this piece of art, he’s hanging it by his bed and loves it!” and a conversation and maybe even a friendship can bloom. Maybe they can become penpals on their own. I hope participants will take the extra step to communicate with each other online, or offline via snail mail.

·        Why is it important to share creativity in a global way? Well, I believe that creativity is a very important part of a child’s [and adult’s] life. I often find myself focusing on the end result of an art project, and realize that most parents are probably this way too, but that’s not what the focus should be. It should be about the process. The process of being creative. Creativity opens a child’s mind and imagination. And when those are open, the possibilities are endless! And how beautiful would the world be if every child opened their mind and imagination?

Well said, Jamie.

Give your children the chance of nurturing an open mind and imagination.

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