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As promoter of global education, we are proud to help sponsor  and support the World Brooklyn Conference- an upcoming global education event in New York. On March 31, World Brooklyn, a consortium of Brooklyn-based educators will host an event to celebrate and showcase the work of educators, community groups and researchers in the area of global education.  The overall goal for the event is to recognize the practices and impact of work in global education already underway, as well as to inspire parents,educators, and researchers to engage in these important efforts at all levels.

Topics in the conference include:

• Raising your child bilingually at home
• Raising your child in a language immersion school environment
• Approaching bilingualism for the middle and high school student
• Promoting cultural awareness and global-mindedness
• The role of technology in the world of the globally-competent child
• Addressing issues of bias in our diverse world
• Balancing local and global community needs

We are inspired!

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