My mom moments collection {Happy Mother's Day}

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.

There are some years where a Mother's Day gift finds me. Effortless and crystal clear, I just know what to get my mom to show her I love her. Other years, it's not so evident. A scarf? No, got her one two years ago. Flowers? How cliche. Gift certificates have been a recent favorite since I've been away from home a number of years now. But, these are not so personal.

I am not a mom myself, but I imagine that there are billions of drawers out there filled with home-made or store bought Mom's Day cards. If I were a mom, I'd have one too. I'd keep everything my kid gave me; every single pair of earrings, each paper flower, all the cut out hearts...I have this tendency.

Thinking about this post as Mother's Day approaches, I was inspired by CID's print,Collect moments not things. What would a moment collection look like? With my mom in mind, mine would be this:

  • -my mom teaching my sister and me how to dance the Colombian cumbia in our living room
  • -her opening her own day care center at home so she could look after my sister and me
  • -the tight hugs hello the even tighter ones every time I leave home
  • -her beautiful singing in Spanish at my sister's wedding in Mexico
  • -an afternoon in the summer drinking white sangrias and having a good giggle
  • -the small wedding shower for me in the condo playing silly games with a small group of lovely women
  • -walks and talks while strolling my niece, her granddaughter
  • -her hands-lovely and strong

How about your collection? When thinking of your mom, what would you include?

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