3 ways to display kids' art

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin.

One wonderful way kids begin to express themselves as creative individuals is through art. Valuing their creations by hanging their work encourages and supports their development. If you have a child who comes home with bundles of art pieces or likes to spend time at the table drawing, finding space for all their work in a tasteful way can be a challenge. Here are some ways to manage this:

  • *have an art folder and ask your child to pick up to 5 art pieces to hang; change them monthly
  • *have a "masterpiece" frame or area for your child to select their favorite piece
  • *have a list of family or friends your child can gift their work to

For those pieces you wish to keep and share, a simple display method is a cork board for pinning work. Aside from this, finding neutral, lovely frames, using decals, or clothespinning on a wire are stylish ways to let your little artist shine.

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