DIY Fridays: Art Display Dots

For kids who love to write and draw, it is affirming when their works of art are on display. Coming up with fun, unique ways to hang kids' art helps give this decor the special attention it deserves. Here's a simple and colorful way to add to your wall and you can create these "art dots" with your kids too!
Materials Needed:
-1 package of small wood discs purchased at a craft store (1 1/4 inch diameter)
- Scotch removable mounting squares
-Martha Stewart patterning tape
-acrylic paints
1. Position the tape on the wood discs; the middle works out great
2. Paint one side of the tape and let dry
3. Remove the tape
4. Add adhesive
5. Stick on wall to hold up art pieces.
For a visual step by step, please check out Warmhotchocolate who inpsired this project. Have fun creating a new display.

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