Inspire reading {the nook}

Written by contributing blogger, Christine Martin. 

Recently, I was captivated by the setting of Moonrise Kingdom. This Wes Anderson film is quirky and enchanting and full of great interiors! The reoccuring scene of Suzy and her brothers at home in their reading nook represents the quintessential 1960's youth spending their free time listening to music guides  and pouring over fantasy books. 

Reading nooks are important spaces both for children and adults. Comfortable and quiet, they allow you to escape into your literature and relax. Ideally, a child's room has space for playing, studying, and reading. To inspire more reading, it is helpful to design a space that encourages it. Whether it is in the form of cushions in a corner or in a pitched tent, creating a special place adds another fun dimension to your child's reading. 

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