The Inspire Me quote contest- oh, it's on!

Hey Folks-

Last night I had a moment of frustration as my creative process was standing at a dead halt.  So I reached out to you all on Facebook asking for inspiration and was OVERWHELMED with the amount of quotes you sent me.  So, I decided to turn this into an event- and you get to design my next series of art!  Send me your best quotes and I'll choose a few from them to include in my new collection which will launch April 1.  The people chosen will receive a free print with their quote + a $50 gift certificate.  Plus, I'll be giving away another $50 certificate at random- here's how you can win that one:

-each comment equals one entry, you may leave as many entries as you'd like

-get a friend to friend us on FB and you'll earn another entry

-repost our contest on FB, blogs, twitter and receive an entry each time

**tally up your total and leave the number in a comment here on our blog.


The contest will end next Wednesday the 15th.  I'll anounce winners the following weekend:)

*please remember to leave posts here on the blog!

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