Free Download- Back-to-School Morning Check List!

Hey Moms-

The time has come for getting back into the morning routine- if you're anything like me, it's a transition full of chaos, disorder and a handful of meltdowns.  So, I created this handy little download to make your mornings a breeze (or at least a little less like a *&%$ storm).  And in the spirit of conservation, I show here how to reuse the print out over and over with a simple frame and markers.  


What you'll need:

Simply print, frame and check!  You can wash off the marks with a damp cloth.  I added an extra line at the bottom in case you'd like to add an important task.  If you have multiple kids, there's room at the bottom to add your child's name.  This is a great way to get your kids in a routine and teach them to be responsible!  And, if you'd like me to make one for your husband, just email me.  I can make that happen:)

*remember to use washable markers

I hope you find this helpful- please share with mom friends who would find this a useful tool!

Best Wishes-



  • Ellen

    this is brilliant – just what we need. Love how I can customise my own list – thank you! do you have an ‘after school’ checklist too? it would be fab to have a matching one to laminate next to this one with a matching title!


    Super cute!!! Any chance you have an ‘afternoon’ checklist to go with this? Much appreciated! Tasha

  • bethany

    how do I download it? I can’t find a link…

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