Investing in Women - Donation Update

A few months ago, we were able to donate $5,000 via Catapult to Heshima Kenya, an organization that provides programs for refugees in Kenya, particularly women and children. The initiatives aim to empower women to develop skills that will help sustain their families, and ultimately their communities.

Our donation helped 20 women receive tailoring courses and financial literacy training, which included learning to write business proposals. Two women graduated from the income-generating program and were given grants to start their own businesses.Twenty additional women are on track to complete the tailoring program, and 12 more participants will graduate from the income-generating program.

It is our hope that the sense of empowerment those inspiring women gained will continue to lift them up, and that they will be able to instill that confidence in their children, especially their daughters.

To read more about the initiative we supported, click here.

We are deeply passionate about empowering women and children around the world. And we feel blessed to be able to collaborate with such amazing organizations. Please share information on organizations that you inspiring in the comment section below.

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