Happy Chinese New Year!

Spotlight on our shop:

In honor of the Chinese New Year (Jan. 23) we wanted to share with you our China Roots Map, from our new My Roots Collection. This gorgeous and customizable map is a creative and stylish way to teach children where in this big, diverse world their roots lie.

Not only is the art beautiful for both big and small, but the collection tells a story of how families come together from all parts of the world. Our wall decor shows a child where family roots lie- a place they are connected to, whether it's ten or ten thousand miles away.

Parent and child can customize their own art by using heart stickers to locate and highlight a child's roots. A teaching moment that will last throughout the years.

The print is available in sizes 11x14 and 18x24, and in background colors of blue, brown, grey, pink, or beige. 

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