Friday's Giveaway- My Roots World Map!!!

Happy Friday!!

I am so happy to officially introduce our My Roots Collection to the world- and there's no better way to do that than to kick it off with a giveaway!  So, today's giveaway is an 18x24 customizable World Map poster.  It's available in 3 colors, and comes with 4 cute little heart stickers to place wherever your child's roots lie.

This was my favorite design project.  Why?  Because I was able to create a creative, stylish way to teach children where in this big, diverse world their roots lie. The art is beautiful for both big and small and the collection tells a story of how families come together from all parts of the world. Our wall decor shows a child where family roots lie, a place they are connected to, whether it's ten or ten thousand miles away. Being a multi-cultural family (and really, who isn't?) it's important for me to be able to show my child that we come from many parts of the world.  

So, to enter today's giveaway, leave me a comment here telling me why you feel it's important to teach your child where your family roots lie.

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Add your entries up and leave the total in your comment

Giveaway ends Monday, Nov 9 at midnight CT.

 International entries are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your comments- sharing your thoughts helps us create better art!


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