3 Reasons to Decorate With Maps

Written by contributing blogger, & interior designer Christine Martin.

Using maps as a decor piece has been trending for some time. From Restoration Hardware archival reproductions of European cities to old school, large pull-down classroom ones, these add color and interest to an interior design.

Children Inspire Design’s My Roots Collection and Fresh Word Market’s Vintage & Travel Maps are some of our most popular items for obvious reasons such as those stated. Yet, these maps offer so much more.

Here’s a breakdown.

  1. Artwork and accessories are the finishing touches in a design that pull it all together. They confirm style, share preferences, and often leave a unique imprint to a space. One-of-a kind pieces, heirlooms, and self made objects can really make an interior stand outfrom others. By personalizing maps with your family name or key words, these prints become exclusively your own.
  2. Maps have always been a great way to teach geographical relationships. With great colors, fonts, and style, CID and FWM offer maps that a visually stimulating and encourage learning opportunities.
  3. The added bonus of these maps is that they come with stickers to mark significant locations. Pin the places visited or color code the ones dreamed about discovering. This is a great way to tell a travel story through images.

Do you have a map as part of your interior design decor? What benefits do you experience from it? Please share.

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