Friday's Giveaway- EXCLUSIVE Vintage Alphabet Cards. One for you, one for a teacher!

Never Seen These Before?

That's because they are brand spankin new- so new that I haven't had time to add them to our site yet.  And I LOVE them.  A set of vintage inspired alphabet cards.  Each letter matched with the perfect little nature themed image.  And you have a chance to get your hands on them before anyone else in the universe (you could totally brag about that one!)

These cards were made with a special teacher in mind.   She's amazing, gives her whole heart to her students.  And she, like so many other good teachers, is in danger of losing her job.   Needless to say, I'm saddened (furious) about our situation here in the US. But, CID is all about turning a negative into a positive, so let's talk about how we as parents can help.

How to win these cards!

 Here's how you enter-
 Simply leave a comment answering any of our questions (one point per question answered).

If you could give these to a teacher, who would it be?  Why?

How can we as parents support teachers?

How can we take the negative current events and turn it into something positive?

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Giveaway ends Wednesday, March 2nd at midnight CT.  International entries are welcome.
 Good Luck!!!

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